Vigorous Bean Medium Roast


The Vigorous Bean Medium Roast Coffee Beans and Ground are the highest quality around.

It’s an insanely smooth blend from Brazil and Guatemala.

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Profile: Medium roast
100% Arabica coffee
Freshly Roasted To Order in the USA
Hand Packaged
Blend of coffee beans are grown in Brazil and Guatemala

The coffee roasting process determines the outcome of the raw coffee bean’s aroma, flavor, and even texture. Medium roast coffee is a nice middle ground between a mellow, light-bodied coffee and a strong, full-bodied coffee.

As a note of interest, Vigorous Bean Medium Roast Coffee has a higher caffeine content than the darker roasts! This is the case with many medium roasts because less roasting time means more of the base nutrients and minerals remain intact from the roasting process. That means it’s not only smooth, but it will rev your day up vigorously!

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12oz, 16oz, 5lb


Whole Bean, Ground


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