Vigorous Bean Dark Roast


Vigorous Bean Dark Roast Coffee Beans taste exactly how you would imagine they should. Strong, bold, and flavorful, but also the best, smoothest, and cleanest tasting coffee you could imagine.

Vigorous Bean’s Dark Roast coffee beans are immediately roasted to perfection before packaging to ensure maximum freshness when it hits your cup. Every batch is quality checked and freshness checked so that each bag is constantly the same!

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Profile: Dark roast
100% Arabica coffee
Roasted to Order in the USA
Blend of coffee beans are grown in:

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia

Vigorous Bean Dark Roast Coffee roasting profile is pushed to the second crack of the bean in the roast process. Then, it is released into the cooling bin to provide a fuller, more flavorful taste. Vigorous Bean Dark Roast Coffee is an artisan roasted coffee that is exclusive (for now) to the Vigorous Bean web home and coveted by all followers of the bean gods.

Vigorous Bean Dark Roast Coffee uses the best specialty grade sourced beans.

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12oz, 16oz, 5lb


Whole Bean, Ground


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