Hi! Matt here. No coffee was not my passion since I was two years old. I didn’t grow up in Columbia. To tell you the truth, for the first part of my life I thought it was just hot, bitter, bean juice.

Then something happened a few years ago! I tasted fresh, aromatic, high quality coffee for the first time just before a chess tournament I had entered was about to begin. I felt that internal “hug” and the energy it gave me coursing through my veins…and I fell in love.

Vigorous Bean is a brand new, small, coffee business that was formed by a desire to help people who work hard at creating their future. Those that take life by the horns and demand the highest performance from themselves while enjoying the adventure. We believe gamers, athletes, business owners, musicians, and anybody that reaches for the stars following their passions, deserve a consistently delicious and high performance coffee to get them through the day without emptying your wallet. Vigorous Bean wants your morning (whatever time of day that is) to be exciting and something you look forward to.

Always freshly roasted to order, we promise to give you coffee as hardcore and amazing as you. Guaranteed.

Enjoy Life, Live Vigorously!

Matt Faille – Creator of Vigorous Bean